Advertising Yeosu Expo through the ‘Beauty of Korea’

On December 6th, there was an honorary ambassador appointment ceremony for Yeosu Expo, which Yeony and Suny attended.

Lee, Sung Hye, the 2011 Miss Korea who is considered Korea’s representative beauty, equipped with both physical and intellectual attractiveness, was appointed as the honorary ambassador for the Yeosu Expo 2012. She has Korean facial features, studied fashion design at Parsons Design School, which is one of the top three designing schools in the world, and her specialty is Korean traditional dancing. Using her various talents in the arts, she is currently widely promoting the beauty of Korea all over the world!

Miss Lee is planning to participate in various events during the Expo period and will participate in various promotional CF films for domestic and international use as the honorary ambassador. Along with Yeony and Suny, we will expect active promotion activities from Miss Lee!

Now, shall we listen to the words of the beautiful Miss Lee on her appointment?

Miss Lee states that she has always longed for the beauty of Korea while living overseas for an extended period and she feels honored to have an opportunity to deliver the beauty of Korea to the world. She stated a strong desire to do her best as an honorary ambassador to widely promote the beauty of the ‘ocean’, which is one of the most important and beautiful assets of Korea.

Now, asking for active promotion activities by the three beauties representing Yeosu Expo 2012, who are IU (K-pop singer), Kuroda Hukumi (Japanese movie star), and Lee, Sung Hye (Miss Korea), we will leave for today.