“Fervent” Promotion Activities for Yeosu Expo in London

The promotion efforts for the Yeosu Expo held online by the ‘Expo SNS Supporters’ are spreading beyond across the oceans to Europe. Yeony and Suny have participated in overseas promotion efforts for Yeosu Expo with fifty of our Expo SNS supporters.

At the ‘United Cube Concert,’ a K-pop concert held in London from the 5th-6th, Yeony, Suny, and our SNS supporters carried out various promotion activities. This large-scale concert, where 4minute, Beast, G.NA appeared, received an explosive response from 5,000 fans around Europe, and Yeony and Suny were able to enjoy as much popularity as our K-Pop stars.


Yeony, Suny, and our supporters held a photo-taking event and handed out promotional materials, and the day after the concert, we advertised Yeosu Expo in the famous squares and streets of London. The local English people showed great interest in the various events, and they especially showed great interest in us!

Lee, Seokhyung, the president of the Korean Student Society of London Metropolitan University, an SNS supporter of Yeosu Expo and a friend of Yeony and Suny, stated that “the interest towards Korea and K-Pop is increasing in Europe, including the United Kingdom” and that “I wanted to participate in promoting Yeosu Expo 2012, which is the biggest international event held in Korea next year, using this K-Pop concert as an opportunity.” It is so good to know that there are supporters promoting Yeosu Expo overseas. We should expend greater efforts in the remaining period to promote this event all over the world!