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“Colors of Diversity: Capacity of Thailand”

Fascinating stories about the Thai seas will be conveyed to the Expo audience through design elements in graceful shapes of foamy surf and Siamese cultural identities. The upcoming world-class exposition, which is to be held in the city of Yeosu, South Korea, will be organized around the theme of The Living Ocean and Coast.

Overall Theme of Exhibits in Thailand Pavilion

1 From oversea to Thailand Overview
Three leading characters from the Thai classical epic Phra Aphai Manee — Sud Sakhon, the Dragon-horse, and the Mermaid — will be the pavilion’s genial hosts, taking Expo visitors on journeys through spectacular seascapes showcasing the richness of Thailand’s marine resources, and informing them of the development potential of
Thai seas for tourism, fishing and food supplies. Also to be highlighted are Thailand’s on-going efforts to conserve the seas and coastal ecology, based around the successful initiatives of Their Majesties the King and Queen. The exhibits will delight the international audience with their unique creative expressions and renderings; the unmistakable hallmarks of Thai artistry.

2 Hall1: The Secret of Nak-varinthu-sinsamuth
Experience the rich assets of Thailand’s seas in all their natural beauty and abundance; together with the most desirable coastal destinations. Visitors will enjoy Thailand’s captivating sea views, beaches of white sand and crystal-clear waters, and, for those sportingly inclined, refreshing dives into a magical under-water world to experience dazzling colors and awe-inspiring works of nature.

3 Hall2: Deep Journey to Diversity of the Sea
The last exhibit sums up the topics featured in the pavilion. Sustainability of the sea and how to maintain its natural beauty and bio-diversity amid the tides of global change, are the issues to be featured; together with highlights on measures for harnessing the sea’s potential in the development of tourism, fishing and food security — initiatives of Their Majesties the King and Queen, Thailand’s role models for work in conserving marine resources and coastal ecology. Stories of the fruitful relations between Thailand and South Korea will be woven into the exhibit’s theme.

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