Environment-Friendly Structure, Green Energy Park… “Green Practices” from Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea

Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea will be a unique, environment-friendly expo that is aimed at sustainable development through a wise use of ocean and showing low-carbon urban lifestyles of the future. For this, environment-friendly materials and recyclables are used and visitors will see humans and the planet co-existing in a desirable manner. Today, Suny will introduce you to such environment-friendly structures of Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea.


– Newly Created Green Symbol from an Abandoned Structure “Sky Tower”-

Sky Tower

‘Sky Tower’, once abandoned cement silos, is now reborn as a new building. Had they been torn down, the two silos would have produced a large amount of waste, but the Yeosu Expo has converted them into an environment-friendly symbol. A large, harp-shaped pipe organ is erected outside the silo and the organ actually plays like a real instrument with which users can join with their smart-phones. Inside the silo, you can see the future technologies designed to use water resources in ways that cope with possible water shortage due to environmental pollution and climate change.


– Symbolic Space for Green Expo Korea Pavilion –

As you could identify from the theme of “The Living Ocean and Coast”, the Yeosu Expo has the conversational topics of environmental issues like global warming and other major problems facing the planet, but it has also selected ‘green expo’ as a strategy for the success of the event.

Bird's-eye View

When you enter the main entrance of the expo, you will first see the Korea Pavilion, with a beautiful taegeuk shape and various contents showing the marine history of Korea and its potential, which will certainly gather much interest from visitors. That’s because the Korea Pavilion is filled with ‘environment-friendly mindset.’ This structure adopts energy-saving design and it uses natural sunlight for lighting and a natural ventilation system as well as strengthened insulation. Furthermore, LED and highly-efficient and environment-friendly construction materials are used, along with facilities for recycling rainwater.

The Korea Pavilion is also equipped with various renewable energy production systems and for the power, sunlight, fuel cells and wind are used. Solar heat is provided for quick water- heating, and a seawater heap pump for cooling and warming.


– ‘Green Practices’ in Every Corner of the Expo –

In addition to the Sky Tower and the Korea Pavilion, the concept of ‘green expo’ has been taken up to include numerous other buildings. Most of structures of the expo use environment-friendly materials and some renewable energy for their operations, and all the equipment and expendables are made of recyclables, minimizing carbon emissions.

Bird's-eye View

Visitors can experience various kinds of renewable energy at ‘Energy Park’, which is located beside the expo. It has been reported that a 46,000 m2 complex of solar power generation of 2MW will be established at the site of the park, in which you can enjoy future transportation technologies, including electric vehicles.

Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea is all about the environment and it will give you an ideal model of ‘green practices’ to follow in every sector during and even after the event.