Daily Archive: December 12, 2011

Environment-Friendly Structure, Green Energy Park… “Green Practices” from Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea

Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea will be a unique, environment-friendly expo that is aimed at sustainable development through a wise use of ocean and showing low-carbon urban lifestyles of the future. For this, environment-friendly… Continue reading

Hwasun Dolmen Site

Hwasun Dolmen Site (Historic Site No. 410) was registered as the 997th World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO. There are around 500 dolmens scattered around Hyosan-ri Dogok-myeon and Daesin-ri, Chunyang-myeon in Hwasun-gun.   A… Continue reading

Marine Life Pavilion (Aquarium)

Diversity and Beauty of the Ocean The Marine Life Pavilion is designed to show the mystery and beauty of the coast (mudflats) and marine life, and teach the value of marine ecosystems and… Continue reading