World’s Supersized Cruise Gathering in Yeosu

The Organizing Committee for Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea has assigned the berths of a total of five ships from nations including the United States, Italy, Japan, and China, to be sailing during the Expo period, and has decided the schedule for port entry and departure.  Among these six nations, a total of six ships will visit Yeosu during the 22 day period (9 sails).  It is the first time for so many cruises to enter a domestic port in such a short period.

These cruises will enter port through the cruise dock of 80,000 tonnage built in the Exhibition Complex, and the number of passengers is estimated to be 2,000.

For each nation and cruise company, Japan Cruise and MOL of Japan respectively sails twice, making a total of four sails, and Costa Crociere of Italy sails three times, Royal Caribbean Cruise sails once, and Capital Dragon Global of China sails once to Yeosu.

The number of participating cruise companies is expected to increase, and the Organizing Committee is currently discussing the sailing methods with several cruise companies, including the Supersize Cruise of Royal Caribbean Cruise of the United States and Harmony Cruise, the first Korean cruise company.  The Organizing Committee stated that the berths and schedule will be finalized through the second assignment.

The Organizing Committee has secured berth 1 of 30,000 tonnages at the Ocean Hotel Wharf and berth 1 of 80,000 tonnage at the Cruise Wharf within the Exhibition Complex. In case the usage rate is high, the Jungma Wharf and Con Wharf in Gwangyang will be operated as alternative wharfs during the event.