Make Yourself at Home at Expo Town

It seems that Expo crews from more than 100 countries worldwide will be able to make themselves at home in Yeosu next year.

The Organizing Committee for Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea announced on November 18 that it will run a full-service complex, composed of 35 facilities, from March to minimize the inconvenience of Expo staff who will stay at the Expo Town for a long time up to six months.

During Yeosu Expo, there will be 6,600 people (1,800 from abroad and 4,800 from home) staying in 1,442 apartments in the Expo Town. Within the Town, there will be 19 service facilities including a temporary clinic, coffee shops, pubs, Internet cafes, fitness centers, laundry rooms and four prayer rooms each for Buddhists, Catholics, Christians, and Muslims. In addition, there will be 11 supportive facilities including a business center and a public safety center.

Contracts to operate 19 service facilities for dining, recreation, exercise and daily activities will be put out to tender in December this year. Operation of public facilities and prayer rooms will be contracted out in cooperation with relevant organizations. As for business hours during the Expo, the service facilities in the Expo Town will be open at 6 a.m. prior to opening hours of the Expo and closed at midnight well after the opening hours; however, the business hours of the facilities can be adjusted for residents’ convenience in accordance with characteristics of each service.

Deputy Director General Jung Chan-kyoon for Support & Cooperation of the Organizing Committee said, “Public facilities and prayer rooms will be available at no charge, and the other facilities will provide paid services at market prices. Also, there will be 16 volunteers and interpreters stationed in the facilities for international staff.” The Organizing Committee is also planning to provide orientations and customer service trainings to Expo Town staff and volunteers.

Bird’s-eye View – Expo Town in the Evening

Bird’s-eye View – Expo Town in the Evening