Marine City Pavilion

The Marine City Pavilion is one of the Sub-theme pavilions highlighting the Expo theme “The Living Ocean and Coast.”


Marine Civilization Pavilion/Marine City Pavilion

– Theme –

Humankind’s Challenges and Achievements with the Sea
– Ocean Silk Road, a Path of Challenges and Exchanges

– Facility Size –

Bird's-eye View

  • Total floor area: 2,883 ㎡ (single-story building)
  • Exhibition area: 972 ㎡
  • Auxiliary area: 136 ㎡
  • Public area: 805 ㎡

– Exhibition Plans and Images –

Marine City

Walk through the mysterious underwater city by way of the underwater tunnel and indulge in a beautiful world you have never before seen above the ocean.
Experience futuristic cities under and above the ocean, together with their diverse functions and lifestyles.

Port City of the Future

The elevator-like port that runs from the seabed to land represents a future marine society where underwater, above water and land are joined together, harmoniously.
The futuristic vehicles that will enable human commuting from under to above water and to land are symbolic of a vision of the ocean as an extension of land.

Energy Port

It introduces ocean-friendly energy generating technology utilizing wave power, tidal power, temperature variation, salinity gradients, and other ocean energy sources.
Experience a future living space powered by sustainable alternative energy.

Exhibition Plans and Images