Marine Civilization Pavilion

The Marine Civilization Pavilion is one of the Sub-theme pavilions highlighting the Expo theme “The Living Ocean and Coast.”

Marine Civilization Pavilion/Marine City Pavilion

– Theme –

Humankind’s Challenges and Achievements with the Sea
– Future Living Space, where the Ocean and Human meet

– Facility Size –

Bird's-eye View

  • Total floor area: 2,883 ㎡ (single-story building)
  • Exhibition area: 972 ㎡
  • Auxiliary area: 136 ㎡
  • Public area: 805 ㎡

– Exhibition Plans and Images –

Oceanic crossing

For the people of ancient times, the ocean was something to be in awe of and fear. It represented an unknown world full of mysteries begging for endless challenges.
From ancient times until now, there has never been a time humans have not explored the depths of the ocean to solve its mysteries. The ship is a symbol of this adventurous spirit, its history evolving right alongside that of humans.
A look at how the beginning of marine civilization is reflected in ancient ships.

The Dhow, A time capsule of ancient civilization

The ancient vessel Dhow is a symbol of the birth of a new civilization out of the human desire for ocean exploration. The replica of the Dhow and the relics on display, undiscovered in the seabed for 1,200 years, give visitors an opportunity to learn more about maritime activities in ancient times. Visitors can experience the passion ancient people had for the ocean and learn their wisdom.

Exhibition Plans and Images