Daily Archive: November 29, 2011

A World Festival Hosted by Korea – 10th Asian Games Seoul 1986

Hi guys! This is Yeony. I am guessing that you all know that the World Expo will be held in Yeosu, Jeollanam-do, in Korea! During the past, many world festivals, including Expos, were… Continue reading

Arranged the Participation of Mexico

Welcome!! Mexico applied as the 105th participating nation in the Yeosu Expo.  Although the Organizing Committee for the Expo, which is a government agency, is mainly in charge of inviting participating nations, the role… Continue reading

Marine Civilization Pavilion

The Marine Civilization Pavilion is one of the Sub-theme pavilions highlighting the Expo theme “The Living Ocean and Coast.” – Theme – Humankind’s Challenges and Achievements with the Sea – Future Living Space,… Continue reading