NEWSLETTER November 2011: Experience “the World in 93 Days at Yeosu Expo” on National Days

Experience “the World in 93 Days at Yeosu Expo” on National Days

During the entire period of Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea, visitors will enjoy unique cultural performances provided by Official Participants. Among the 105 countries participating in the Expo, 83 have already applied to offer a special performance on their National Days. Each country will have a National Day on which it will be given an opportunity to showcase its cultural heritage. The National Day events include hoisting of the national flag, celebrity hand printing, cultural performances and a special reception.

For example, Turkey will stage a stunning dance performance on June 21, the Turkish National Day, depicting the life of the Great Barbaros, an Ottoman admiral who had dominated the Mediterranean Sea during the 16th century. July 19 is designated as the National Day for Israel on which visitors will be entertained by
Sheketak, a famous dance group from Israel that has been touring all over the Europe. Sheketak is renowned for presenting an energetic multimedia show that combines dance, drama, live music and video art.

The National Day of Korea is set for August 1. The Organizing Committee is preparing a series of magnificent events for the Korean National Day. Currently, China, Japan and Spain are planning a variety of captivating cultural performances and even a sailboat exhibition in line with the theme of the Expo. Visitors will take on a “journey around the world” during which they will experience not only ocean-themed exhibitions but also cultural performances from nations all over the world. In addition to their National Day events, participating countries will provide various
cultural events including traditional dances, folk performances and pop performances for up to full 7days during the Expo.