NEWSLETTER November 2011: Year Two of the Yeosu Project: with Developing Countries Technology Sharing

Year Two of the Yeosu Project: with Developing Countries Technology Sharing

The advanced marine technologies of Korea are being shared with developing countries, including aquaculture technology, integrated coastal management know-how, and expertise on biological diversity survey. The Organizing Committee for Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea is starting execution of the second year plan for the Yeosu Project. The Yeosu Project is an aid program designed to assist developing countries in dealing with marine challenges. The Yeosu Project is an innovative international cooperation program that supports joint research and dispatches experts to address marine environmental issues that developing countries are facing. A total of 10 billion won (approx. $9 million) is being invested until 2012 in four stages.

For Year Two of the Yeosu Project, Guatemala, Grenada, Sri Lanka and Tanzania were chosen as the target nations since they are experiencing difficulties managing their marine resources due to overfishing and coastal erosion. The project will provide a wide variety of support to these countries for one year, including conducting joint research, dispatching marine experts, offering training programs, and donating research equipment.