“Abnormal Climate has become the Norm”


Climate abnormalities are appearing in parts of the world due to global warming and environmental pollution. According to The Guardian, the climate abnormalities of the past ten years have now become the norm.

For example, last winter Great Britain recorded its lowest temperature in 300 years, however, the following spring it recorded its highest temperature in 100 years. Expanding this scope to include the rest of the world, the average temperatures in Eastern Europe and Russia maintained an average of 6℃ for several weeks last year, which was higher than in normal years, resulting in increased casualties of 5,000 people and huge damages to crops. Due to the worst flood ever in the country,Australia incurred economic damages of 300 billion Australian dollars, and China experienced the worst drought in the southern and central regions in 100 years.

This year in the United States, approximately 600 tornadoes occurred, resulting in 138 deaths in Missouri alone, and an unprecedented flood occurred due to the overflow of the Missouri River. The damages due to climate abnormalities are extremely more severe in underdeveloped countries. In Ethiopia, Kenya, and Somalia, hundreds of people are starving from food shortages due to the drought continuing for several years.

According to Oxfam, a non-governmental agency, the number of geophysical catastrophes such as earthquakes and volcanic eruptions remained consistent whereas the number of meteorological catastrophes such as floods or storms has rapidly increased from 133 cases annually in the 1980s to 350 cases annually now.

The phenomenon where climate abnormalities have become the norm started ten years ago and is worsening. The global warming due to environmental pollution is a disaster created by humans. There will be no future for our earth if global warming intensifies. It will be difficult to go back to a world where there is no global warming; however, we can prevent further damage. It is not too late to act. The environment is a valuable gift. Together, we should make efforts to preserve the environment.