Master Plan

Master plan image


– Architectural Principles –

Bringing the Expo Theme to Life

  • The Expo site is designed to embody the Expo theme, “The Living Ocean and Coast,” and express harmony between the ocean and land; nature and humans; and the past and the future.

Incorporating Yeosu’s Features into the Expo site

  • The Expo site is located at the point where nature (mountain, land, coast, and ocean) meets the city. Yeosu’s features such as its beautiful sea with 300 islands and mountains were carefully incorporated into the master plan of the Expo site. Accessibility and convenience were also taken into consideration so the site is situated near the Yeosu Station and the urban center of Yeosu City.

Concept Plan of the Expo Site


– Concept Plan of the Expo Site –

  • Major facilities in the Expo site are designed to have diverse forms and functions so that visitors can experience the Expo theme in various ways and communicate with one another.
  • The landmarks and major facilities symbolizing the Expo are designed to help boost tourism in Yeosu even after the Expo
The Big-O on the ocean, the Ocean Experience Park on the coast, and the Expo Digital Gallery (EDG) on land reflect the natural and geographical features of the Expo site where land, coast, and ocean meet.

concept plan of the Expo Site