Introducing Foreign Campaign Posters Arousing Attention of Ocean Pollution

Hello, I am Suny. The Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea is the third Expo on the subject of ocean in history. Due to the subject matter on the ocean, I have become interested in ocean pollution.

I want to talk about the gravity of ocean pollution. Most of the waste in the ocean is plastic waste. Because plastic does not change its form even after being discarded, if this phenomenon continues, our oceans may be filled up with plastic waste in the future. These are foreign public campaign posters which arouse the attention of the gravity of ocean pollution. I introduce these posters hoping that my friends will be able to view them. This is a campaign poster by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF).


– An Ocean Creature Made of Plastic-

Sea anemones made with straws and coral reefs made with empty plastic bottles and spoons. Does it look beautiful? This is a poster depicting a scene of recyclable materials accumulating, thereby polluting the ocean. There are other campaign posters arousing attention to ocean pollution through various ideas.

There are tons of recyclable wastes under the ocean once a child lifts its cover. This poster indicates that although the ocean may seem beautiful on the outside, it is being seriously polluted inside.


– The Ocean is not the Only Thing in Danger! –

How did you view the posters? These are not merely posters, but are difficult issues that humankind has confronted and needs to resolve. Water is the source of life and is the most important element in life … … Ocean pollution is endangering not only the ocean, but the lives of human beings and our earth as well.


– A Dolphin Made with Waste –

This is not a poster but is an advertisement and promotion to arouse the attention of the public to ocean pollution.

Ocean pollution is not an issue limited to certain countries, but is instead experienced by all countries in the world. In this aspect, Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea will become a center to seek a resolution to ocean pollution relating to ocean shores. 


We should refrain from using disposable products starting today!