Quintessential Korean Food

Every country has its own unique culinary culture. Korea is especially an interesting country with a very unique food culture; therefore, I introduce Quintessential Korean Food today.


– Kimchi –

  • Ingredients: Cabbage (or radish, cucumber, etc), julienne radish, minced garlic, diced green onion, salted fish, salt
  • Spiciness:
  • Description: Cabbages and other vegetables are soaked in salt water, then seasoned with different spices before being fermented. There are many different types of kimchi, such as cabbage kimchi (the most common), cucumber kimchi, radish kimchi, cubed radish kimchi, green onion kimchi, and more. It is a health food filled with vitamins, minerals, and more.
  • With Kimchi being such a Korean staple, there is even a Kimchi Expo.


– Bibimbap (Rice Mixed with Vegetables and Beef) –

  • Ingredients: Rice, fernbrake, roots of balloon flower, bean sprout, beef, red pepper paste, sesame oil
  • Spiciness:
  • Description: A dish made by mixing rice with various other cooked vegetables. Great for experiencing different vegetables, pleasing to the eye, and full of nutrients. Jeonju’s variation of bibimbap is most famous. 
  • Bibimbap is a representative Korean dishes.


– Bulgogi (Beef in a Soy sauce Marinade) –

  • Ingredients: Beef (or pork), pear juice or sugar, soy sauce, minced garlic, diced green onion, sesame oil
  • Spiciness:
  • Description: Beef or pork is sliced thinly then marinated in seasoning before being grilled.
  • Bulgogi, along with kimchi, is one of the best-known Korean dishes among foreigners and is commonly translated as ”Korean barbecue.”


– Grilled Galbi (Seasoned ribs) –

  • Ingredients: Beef rib (or pork rib), sugar, soy sauce, diced green onion, minced garlic, sesame oil
  • Spiciness:
  • Description: Ribs of beef or pork are sliced into easy to eat portions, then marinated in seasonings before being grilled.
  • Galbi is one of the best-known Korean dishes among foreigners.


– Samgyetang (Ginseng Chicken soup) –

  • Ingredients: Young chicken, sweet rice, ginseng, garlic, chestnut, jujube
  • Spiciness:
  • Description: A young chicken is cleaned out then stuffed with various ingredients before being boiled to draw out a delicious broth.
  • Samgyetang is a wonerful healthy Korean dish that is gradually being recognized the rst of the world.


– Naengmyeon (Buckwheat noodles in a cold broth) –

  • Ingredients: Noodles made of buckwheat or starch, beef broth, thin slices of beef, julienne cucumber, julienne pear, boiled egg
  • Spiciness:
  • Description: Noodles served in cold beef broth- the soup is refreshing. There is also bibim naengmyeon, which doesn’t have soup but is mixed with red pepper paste instead.
  • Naengmyeon is the tasting summer food, indeed.


– Haemultang (Seafood stew) –

  • Ingredients: Crab, clam, shrimp, fish, radish, red pepper paste, red pepper powder, green onion, garlic
  • Spiciness:
  • Description: Various seafood are boiled before adding red pepper paste and red pepper powder. The broth is both refreshing and very spicy.


– Kimchi jjigae (Kimchi stew) –

  • Ingredients: Kimchi, pork, sesame oil, green onion, garlic
  • Spiciness:
  • Description: First the pork is browned in the bottom of the pot before water and kimchi are added. If sour kimchi is used, it makes a better tasting stew.
  • Kimchi jjigae is typical of spicy and hot food in Korea.


– Dakgalbi (Chicken ribs) –

  • Ingredients: Chicken, red pepper paste, pear juice, molasses, sugar, minced garlic, diced green onion
  • Spiciness:
  • Description: Chicken is seasoned with various spices, then grilled before eating. Chuncheon chicken ribs are famous.


– Seolleongtang (Ox bone soup) –

  • Ingredients: Rice, beef, beef broth, diced green onion, minced garlic, red pepper power, pepper, salt
  • Spiciness:
  • Description: Beef is added to beef broth and stewed for a long time before being served with rice and various seasonings. The deep, rich taste of the broth, boiled for over 10 hours, is simply delicious.
  • Seolleongtang has been a popular dish since the Joseon Dynasty.


– Galbitang (Short rib soup) –

  • Ingredients: Beef rib (or pork rib), radish, diced green onion, minced garlic, pepper, sesame oil, sesame seed
  • Spiciness:
  • Description: Ribs are boiled with radishes to create a savory soup. Eaten together with rice, the broth is a delight.


– Juk (Porridge) –

  • Spiciness:
  • Description: Water (6 or 7 times the amount of grain) is poured over grain and boiled for a long time. There are many variations of juk such as pine nut juk, sesame juk, jujube juk, red bean juk, beef juk, pumpkin juk, and abalone juk.

All Korean foods are yummy!!


source: visitkorea