Korea Pavilion

Welcome to the Korea Pavilion!!

The Korea Pavilion presents the future vision of Korea as a leading maritime nation, shedding new light on Korea’s advanced and expansive marine knowledge and technology.

Let’s look around the Korea Pavilion.


– Korea Pavilion –

Korea Pavilion

The Taegeuk pattern is the design motif for the Korea Pavilion. The Taegeuk is the symbol that makes up the center of the Korean Flag and it means to the ultimate reality from which all things and values originate according to oriental philosophy.

(Taegeuk Symbol)


– Facility Size-

Bird's-eye View

  • Total floor area: 5,248 ㎡ (3-story building)
  • Exhibition area: 1,832 ㎡
  • Auxiliary area: 90 ㎡
  • Expo Hall: 1,002 ㎡
  • Protocol Center: 302 ㎡
  • Public area: 2,022 ㎡

– Theme –

Korea Pavilion

Korea’s Spirit of Ocean Exploration and Ocean Capabilities


– Major Features –

Korean poet Choi Nam-seon’s poem, “From the Sea to a Boy,” provides the inspiration for the presentations at the exhibition hall and the media hall.

  • Exhibition Hall: Videos and performances combine digital and analogue technologies.
  • Media Hall: A circle-vision 360-degree theater shows films of the dynamic vision of Korea as a major player in the global marine industry.

– three-dimensional pictures of the Korea Pavilion

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