Climate & Environment Pavilion

The Climate & Environment Pavilion is one of the Sub-theme Pavilions highlighting the Expo theme, “The Living Ocean and Coast.”


– The Climate & Environment Pavilion –

Bird's-eye View

Theme: The Ocean, the Mediator of Climate and Environment

Facility Size

  • Total floor area: 1,437 ㎡ (single story building)
  • Exhibition space: 997 ㎡
  • Auxiliary facility space: 107 ㎡
  • Public space: 343 ㎡

– Exhibition –

Extreme Climate Experience

1. Extreme Climate Experience

Two typical climate environments, one from the Antarctic Zone and one from the Arctic Zone, are realized in this pavilion: the Blizzard section simulates an Antarctic gale while the Arctic Glacier Experience section displays an actual ice ledge.

Visitors are greeted with a cold Antarctic gale upon entering the Blizzard section, and then experience extreme coldness through the Arctic ice edge in the Arctic Glacier Experience section.

Multi-channel Multiplex

2. Multi-channel Multiplex

Consisting of a 20m in diameter circle vision screen along the wall, a screen in the center of the floor, and a polyhedral display, the Multi-channel Multiplex shows feature videos warning of the destruction of human civilization and our earth.

Through thought-provoking films, it raises public awareness of the danger of climate change and the importance of climate change mitigation and protection of the marine environment.

– Extra Images –

(Night View)


(Glacier Experience Room)

(Blizzard Experience Room)

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