Daily Archive: November 14, 2011

Expo Passports: One-of-a-Kind Documents of Your Expo Experience

One-of-a-Kind Documents of Your Expo Experience by Urso Chappell      In Shanghai at Expo 2010, they became a mania with lines stretching down the block to buy them. Forty-three years earlier, it got… Continue reading

Quintessential Korean Food

Every country has its own unique culinary culture. Korea is especially an interesting country with a very unique food culture; therefore, I introduce Quintessential Korean Food today.   – Kimchi – Ingredients: Cabbage (or… Continue reading

Climate & Environment Pavilion

The Climate & Environment Pavilion is one of the Sub-theme Pavilions highlighting the Expo theme, “The Living Ocean and Coast.”   – The Climate & Environment Pavilion – Theme: The Ocean, the Mediator… Continue reading

Korea Pavilion

Welcome to the Korea Pavilion!! The Korea Pavilion presents the future vision of Korea as a leading maritime nation, shedding new light on Korea’s advanced and expansive marine knowledge and technology. Let’s look… Continue reading