Theme Pavilion

The Theme Pavilion is the main pavilion expressing the Expo theme, “The Living Ocean and Coast.” It is also the first offshore pavilion in Korea.

Let’s look around the Theme Pavilion!

Facility Size

Bird’s-eye View

  • Total floor area: 6,000 ㎡ (2-story building)
  • Exhibition area: 2,102 ㎡
  • Auxiliary area: 96 ㎡
  • Public area: 2,535 ㎡

Theme: Coexistence of the Ocean and Humanity

Exhibition Plans and Images


1. Cosmic Tree

The waiting area transforms itself with the sensations and sounds of the ocean breeze and interacts with the visitors.

2. Blue Earth from Space (Global Marine Station Network)

The exhibition presents the diversity and beauty of the ocean and human efforts to learn more about the ocean’s value and ways to preserve it.

3. The Ocean and Humans Meet

It shows the relationship between the ocean as a vital life force and humans who have thrived on its resources through time.

Exhibition Plans and Images

4. Dwindling Marine Life

It presents the closely interdependent relationship between the ocean and humans, with emphasis on the state of the dugong, an endangered marine mammal. This exhibition warns of the consequences of taking the ocean for granted: the extinction of not only ocean species and resources, but human civilization as well.

5. Protecting the Ocean, Protecting Ourselves

It offers a vision of the future for humans and the ocean in peaceful coexistence with the dugong, an endangered marine mammal with a human-like face.

6. Messages for Dugong

Visitors’ messages of love for the ocean are on display to signal the beginning of a human effort to build a new relationship with the ocean based on respect, appreciation, and protection.

– Extra Images –

Theme Pavilion Main-show

the image of inside Theme Pavilion

Outside view of the Theme Pavilion

Entrance of the Theme Pavilion

Bird’s-eye view of ths Theme Pavilion