The Sky Tower

The Sky Tower will play the beautiful music at the sea.

Let’s listen the beautiful music from Sky Tower.

Sky Tower

 The Sky Tower is the tallest structure on the Expo site. It was innovatively created by renovating an abandoned pair of cement silos into a cultural landmark. It is one of the most attractive visual and conceptual symbols of the Expo.

The Sky Tower transforms a culturally low-valued heritage from the industrial era into a useful structure embodying the Expo theme of “The Living Ocean and Coast.” As a model case of green growth which should be pursued for the well-being of our offspring, it deserves to become a monument in the history of Expos.

Sky Tower

Facility Size

  • Site area: 3,929 ㎡
  • Total floor area: 1,359.77 ㎡ (3-story building)


The Sound Wave

The exterior of the structure will feature a fully functioning pipe organ, the shape of which will resemble a harp and symbolize the undulating waves of the sea. The organ will actually be able to produce melodies and even the loud sound of a boat horn. And as an additional surprise, visitors will be able to play the organ using their smartphones.
Since the Sky Tower will be continually used after the Expo, an observation deck will be built that will span the entire rooftop of the twin silos. Visitors will be offered a panoramic view of the Expo site, downtown Yeosu and the nearby Odong Island.

Rock Engraving in Bangudae

Rock Engraving in Bangudae

On the interior wall of one of the two silos, images of prehistoric petroglyphs found on the Korean peninsula will be projected using a DID (Digital Information Display) monitor. Also displayed will be a specially produced presentation with narrations showing how Koreans fished on the sea during prehistoric times.

Desalination Facility

Desalination Facility

The interior of the other silo will feature a specially built desalination and water purification system that will feature a specially built desalination and water purification system that will demonstrate how the technology can be used in the future to counteract expected water shortages resulting from a combination of climate change and increased global demand. Visitors will be able to sample the water purified by the system.

The Big-O is now under construction.