Expo Digital Gallery (EDG)

– Expo Digital Gallery – Expo Digital Gallery (EDG)

Located on the main street of the Expo site, and connected to the Yeosu station, the EDG has the distinction of being the world’s first marine culture and arts gallery which incorporates cutting-edge information and lighting art technologies.

The EDG allows visitors to experience a future world where the ocean and humankind co-exist, and offers an open platform for the Expo visitors and content providers to the Expo to participate in digital media shows displaying on the LED screen of the EDG.

Site Plan

Facility Description

This 415 meter-long main road with a width of 21 m features a large canopy (225 m x 40 m) with a LED screen (217.6 m x 23.04 m).

Functions and Post-Expo Usage

 Birds-eye View

Perspective View

After the Expo, the EDG will be used as a space for media art and advertisement, and serve as a major tourist attraction that will drive development of the South Coast.