The Big-O

 The Big-O is a centerpiece of the Expo 2012.
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The Big-O is a symbolic site of the Expo. It provides a space for large-scale events and performances. You can fully experience the Expo’s theme, “The Living Ocean and Coast” with the ocean as its backdrop. Also, you guys can enjoy and discover the mystery of the ocean.
Site Plan  Facility Description
The Big-O covers a total area of 105,584 ㎡ (including 88,000 ㎡ for the inner area of the breakwater) and has a depth of 4.5 – 9 m.
Functions and Post-Expo Use
During the Expo, the Big-O serves as an edutainment area with various outdoor exhibits and spatial art events, and attracts visitors with large-scale multi-media shows in the night.
    • Night Multi-media Show: This large-scale show held at the Big-O will collectively Utilize flame, laser, video, and fireworks to paint on the night sky through colorful lights and digital images.
    • Fountain Show: It will be presented at the Big-O. In the evenings, a living screen will be used to add a sense of fantasy to the show.
    • Big Ocean Show: A regular daytime show will feature a variety of performances embodying the Expo theme.
    • World Ocean Performance: Local and international performance on the floating stage will present the future vision of marine culture.

After the Expo, it will stand as a symbolic landmark that represents Yeosu and the Expo, and remain as a part of the Oceanic Cultural Complex.

The Big-O is now under construction.