Visit to Expo 2012 Promotion Center

Hi, I am Yeony. I visited to promotion center last Friday.

Let’s look around the Expo 2012 Promotion Center with me.



Theme of the Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea

Enjoying this video clip


The Living Ocean and Coast 

It’s Not Planet Earth. It’s Planet Ocean.

The ocean occupies approximately 71% of the surface of the planet we live on.

It produces 75% of the planet’s oxygen and absorbs 50% of its carbon dioxide.

The ceaseless circulation of ocean currents maintains optimal temperatures for the inhabitants of the sea and of the land.

The identity of this planet is embodied in the ocean. In a sense, we live not on terra firma, but on terra aqua.

We live in an age when we must face the reality of our depleting natural resources.

A brighter future will open when we turn our eyes to the wide-open sea.

Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea dreams of the evolution of humankind towards the ocean-the promise of the future.

The Expo Digital Gallery (EDG) is a ubiquitous digital avenue where advanced information and lighting art technologies interact to produce great images. It will be located on the main street of the Expo site.

List of Confirmed Participants

Messages from Official Participants

Wind Power Generator produces the electricity that is used to light the area after 6 pm. Visitors can see how it works. It is located behind the Promotion Center.

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