The Yeosu Declaration – Summary

Here we introduce the Yeosu Declaration which represents the legacy of Yeosu Expo. The Yeosu Declaration calls for cooperation among the international community in marine environment conservation efforts worldwide.

The Essence of the Yeosu Declaration

  • The ocean is essential to the well-being of all humanity and it should be taken care of for present and future generations.
  • The ocean, as repository of diverse resources, provides a foundation for human civilization and survival.
  • The ocean is faced with significant threats of degraded ecosystems, calling for concerted global efforts to minimize and reverse the damage brought upon the ocean ecosystem.
  • Education and capacity building on the responsible use of the marine resources are critical for marine conservation and development.
  • Extreme weather events resulting from climate change pose significant challenges to our civilization, demanding augmented scientific data and knowledge.
  • Understanding of the ocean, as well as voluntary contributions and actions by the general public are indispensable for sustainable marine stewardship.
  • The ocean is a new driver of economic growth, i.e., the ”Blue Economy” will foster a governance architecture for the development of future green growth technology.
  • The ocean is ”One Ocean,” a space for peace, cooperation, and prosperity of humankind.
  • Best efforts are needed to promote maritime cultures for educating the public to develop the ocean sustainably for the benefit of future generations.
  • Domestic and international efforts should be undertaken to place increased emphasis on overseas development assistance.